Tips for Renting a car in Malta

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One of the most popular holiday destinations, Malta is a beautiful island which attracts thousands of tourists on a yearly basis. Although small in size, there are various attractions in Malta with several key spots to make your holiday a memorable one. If you are interested in exploring the beauties that Malta has to offer, renting a car is definitely the best option.

Once your ideal car is in your hands, you can make your way to visit some of the best places that the country has to offer. We will be discussing some tips on how to go about with your rented car in Malta.

Choose wisely

Before you decide on which car to book, make sure that you have went through all available options. Travelling with the entire family versus just with your partner impacts the type of car you should choose. Apart from the size, you may also opt to select a car with more extras that match your preference. There is also the matter of insurance which you would need to familiarise yourself with. It can be quite tricky at times and not what you usually expect. By booking directly with us, we ensure that you get the right insurance for your car rental.

Plan ahead

Renting a car also requires a certain degree of planning. Are you familiar with the route you need to take to pick up the car? Are you aware about where you will be meeting the chaperone or where the car rental desk is? It is important to have this information confirmed beforehand so you do not waste time from your holiday. We suggest that you keep this information saved on your phone for ease of reference. To ensure a smooth process, you would need to keep handy your booking details, driving licence, passport and a credit card. Once you are shown the car, it would be good to have a quick look, to note any existing damage. This would help in avoiding any misunderstandings when the car is returned.

Attention whilst roaming

When roaming about, be attentive. As much as possible, be cautious to avoid damaging the car. In this regard, be careful where space is limited.

Returning your vehicle

Once you deliver your vehicle back following your holiday, it would be ideal to perform a vehicle check again. It is important to log in any damage, irrespective how small to ensure that you are fully covered.

We look forward to greeting you soon, matching an ideal car for your preferences for a splendid holiday.

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